Start the school year strong - there are so many workshops in September! The first ones are Rock Climbing workshops on September 6 and 7, and we need more registrants to make this a go.

You may use Fall homeschool funding to pay for these events, if you have submitted your Education Program Plan.

  • Chess workshops for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players starting on various days in September
  • Biology 20 Lab Seminar starting September 12. Whether you're working toward high school Biology credit or want to have a solid understanding of labs, this is an excellent opportunity for your student.
  • Essay Skills: Write Your Best English 30 Diploma Exam starting September 13. This six-week workshop is intended to assist students who are preparing for the written portion of the English 30 Diploma exam. Students will learn to decode essay prompts and utilize effective essay formatting.
  • Evening portforlio workshops. A portfolio is an excellent way to keep a record of learning that can be shown to prospective employers or post-secondary institutions. Come away from this workshop with great portfolio ideas & ways to assess and evaluate.

(If you are not funded with us because you choose a different school before September 29, you would then need to reimburse us for these events.)