Marlane is WISDOM's Associate Director; and she, along with husband Ken, take the WISDOM ministry to heart. Home schooling is their way of life, and she draws from her personal life when assisting WISDOM families and when writing her well-loved column for the WISDOM Family Magazine - "Notes to Myself".  Marlane and her husband Ken began home schooling their eldest child while Marlane was pregnant with the fourth of six children. She went through years of struggles and research trying to do "school at home", before adapting her approach to one that nourishes "love of learning" in her children. She is now home schooling her youngest, with the credit of having taken her six children all the way through high school at home. Now a grandmother of 14, Marlane has taught children of all ages while running a home, serving her community, and meeting the needs of other home schoolers.

Through her work with WISDOM, Marlane has been a part of the trials and victories of education in other people's homes, spending many hours each year - on the phone and in person - assisting parents.

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