Mediated Learning Program Provider
Family Mediation
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Michelle grew up in a family where trips to the library were a weekly occurrence and a love of reading and passion for life-long learning were instilled from an early age. This love of continued learning has inspired Michelle to pursue further on-going formal and informal education. Both she and her husband strongly support the premise that life-learning provides valuable opportunity to better our knowledge and experience.

After 4 years of “after-schooling” their 2 boys (grades K-3), Michelle and Scott pulled them from the public school system and undertook the adventure of home educating in 2007. It has been a decision they were both grateful to have made. Michelle first gained an interest in Mediated Learning after attending the Mediated Learning Foundation workshops in 2010. Observing her boys participating in a Dynamic Assessment affirmed for Michelle and Scott the effectiveness and success of this approach to developing cognitive skills and growing independent learners.

Michelle, a firm advocate for parental authority and choice in education, believes parents are best suited to create a program and environment to help our children flourish and develop to their full potential. It is this belief that inspires and motivates Michelle to speak about her family’s experience of struggle in the “box” of what learning at school has become, and encourage parents to come along-side their children, engaging with them through their child’s interests to deliver a rich learning experience that will prepare students for learning into adulthood.

Michelle loves spending time with her husband, children, family and friends; enjoys coffee, reading, Bible art journaling, logic & jigsaw puzzles and cuddling with her puppies.