• Mediated Learning Program Manager
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Thérèse is married to Glen, and they have home schooled their four children right through, launching three into post-secondary and one into a trade.  The McDonalds believe in natural learning, approaching home schooling from a classical approach. Socratic discussion follows a healthy amount of good reading. Thérèse believes that providing a rich environment is the surest way to keep the passion for learning alive.

Thérèse loves reading, classical music, opera, singing, sports and visiting with people. She is a history and political junkie, taking a great interest in world events, and the work of the Church throughout society. Faith and family are at the center of her life.

In the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, Thérèse made the prayerful decision to move on to new endeavours. She will work through this school year at WISDOM, giving her replacements plenty of time to job-shadow. Thérèse has found working for WISDOM to be a privilege. She is enthusiastic in her service of  families and loves learning from them.