As the son of a diplomat, Elijah White is a proud global citizen, and has little bits of the many different countries he’s lived in  and visited swimming in his marrow.  After a very disappointing non-classical and non-Christian high school education, he ended up at Thomas Aquinas College with an interest in pursuing his faith and in the intellectual life.  Thrilled by his experience there, he went on to study Latin and Classical Greek in Rome for a year, and then completed a Master’s Degree in Theology at the International Theological Institute in Austria.  Along with many tutoring gigs in his Eurasian escapades, he has taught middle and high school for the past decade since finishing his degree (with a brief hiatus in a Byzantine monastery which didn’t work out), and he is looking forward to working for WISDOM.  He got married in December, and he and his wife Rebecca are abiding beneath the balmy, azure skies in the shade of the breezy, oak-clad crags of Ojai, California, loving living, and enthusiastically expecting their first child in November. In his free time, he loves singing the old Byzantine chant, reading and discussing literature with his wife, practicing and teaching capoeira, hiking, gardening, and, of course, shredding the Pacific gnarlies.

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