Daniel Spiotta grew up in Wheaton, Illinois – within easy striking distance of both Chicago and farmed land. His education, beyond voracious unscripted reading, includes home schooling between fourth and eight grades. While studying English and Latin at Hillsdale College he also cultivated a love of learning poems by heart. Two years of teaching Latin at a classical school brought him to the University of Dallas, where he has taken a Masters in literature and is currently working on his dissertation. He loves thinking and conversing about the poems and treatises that wise men in the West have found to be great and worthy to be preserved. He trusts that the earnest pursuit of wisdom and understanding within the context of discussion surrounding these poems cannot fail to bear choice fruit. He and his wife are raising their new son, Anselmo, in southeastern Ohio, hoping that Daniel can complete his doctoral work soon and find a place in a permanent community of letters and good conversation.