Dear Parents,

Today Trinity/WISDOM obtained an interim injunction to restore its accreditation and ability to operate. It was a big victory for procedural and constitutional rights and the rule of law. The injunction means that student files remain with Trinity/WISDOM.  It means your facilitator will resume visits immediately, and life can return somewhat to normal.  “Somewhat” to normal, because Trinity/WISDOM has received only 10% of the annual government funding.  If a permanent injunction is granted in January, we anticipate the full restoration of funding pending our ultimate Application for judicial review.

Your family will receive funding during this academic year.  Benefactors are eager to help fund families who need it soon.  Those able to wait will receive it after January 5. Please let our office know what you require.

Thank you for continuing to stand with WISDOM.


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  • Alison Clarke

    Praise God. Prayers have been answered. Tears of relief and joy.

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  • Gloria Sihlis

    Prayers of thanks to God that Wisdom is allowed to continue to be a Home School Board to the families who choose to be with them. We were very sad to hear the news last week about Wisdom as we want families to be able to home school their children, if they wish to do this, just like we were able to. Praying for everything to go well in January and to continue on for years helping families with this type of Godly education.

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