WISDOM provides abundant options for home schooling throughout high school, right through to the work force or post-secondary education. Home schooling through high school is an excellent option, even for students who have taken online courses or previously attended a school. In this pursuit of a rich education experience, WISDOM is well known for offering full support to families as students complete high school at home through any one of a wide variety of paths. During visits with high school students, facilitators complete a High School Programs Choices form, which helps the family set concrete goals for high school at home.

Paths students can pursue could include:

  • Entering the world of Work
  • Apprenticeship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Portfolio
  • Alberta Education Transcript
  • Alberta High School Diploma
  • General Education Development
  • Or other tests such as entrance exams, SAT’s, ACT’s, or CLT’s.

Whatever a student's path through high school to the world beyond, WISDOM supports parents in choosing the approach best suited to their unique child's gifts, goals, and calling.

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