Associate Superintendent of Trinity Christian School Association; Associate Principal of Trinity Christian School; Administrator of WISDOM

Ken received his Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta in 1974, with majors in Drama and English. He taught a variety of subjects in schools before he and his wife Marlane began careers as professional actors. As an actor and director, Ken  performed, directed, adjudicated, and taught master classes across Canada. He also served as Artistic Director of Mime Light Theatre. 

Ken was an elected member of the board of directors of the Vermilion Health Care Complex for 10 years, serving as chairman of both this board and a regional board serving five hospitals.  As an elected member of the executive of the Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations, he conducted research and provided training and advocacy to local associations.

In 1989, Ken and Marlane began home schooling their children, and soon they found themselves called upon to serve local and provincial organizations, including the executive of the Alberta Home Education Association. In 1992, Ken was approached by East Central Catholic School Division to help organize their home education administration program. Three years later, he became the administrator of WISDOM Home Schooling, a position he holds at present.  As a result of his work, Ken is called upon to contribute numerous articles, workshops and addresses regarding home schooling and Christian family life.  

Ken is Associate Superintendent and Associate Principal for the school that WISDOM is the home education program of. See more at Trinity Christian School Association.

Marlane is WISDOM's Associate Director; and she, along with husband Ken, take the WISDOM ministry to heart. Home schooling is their way of life, and she draws from her personal life when assisting WISDOM families and when writing her well-loved column for the WISDOM Family Magazine - "Notes to Myself".  Marlane and her husband Ken began home schooling their eldest child while Marlane was pregnant with the fourth of six children. She went through years of struggles and research trying to do "school at home", before adapting her approach to one that nourishes "love of learning" in her children. She is now home schooling her youngest, with the credit of having taken her six children all the way through high school at home. Now a grandmother of 14, Marlane has taught children of all ages while running a home, serving her community, and meeting the needs of other home schoolers.

Through her work with WISDOM, Marlane has been a part of the trials and victories of education in other people's homes, spending many hours each year - on the phone and in person - assisting parents.

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Secretary Treasurer for Trinity Christian School Association
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Originally hailing from Nigeria, Oyetola worked hard in his studies and graduated from the University of Bradford in the UK with a Masters in Finance, Accounting and Management. While visiting in-laws in St. Paul he fell in love with Alberta and its wide-open spaces, and decided to make Canada home.

Oyetola previously worked as a Financial Controller and a Management Accountant. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant, and a Certified General Accountant, and brings an enormous wealth of knowledge to Trinity and WISDOM.

Oyetola is an active member of the Cold Lake Community Church. He enjoys teaching, reading, traveling, and he loves squash and snooker. Oyetola admires the dedication and hard-work of WISDOM families in their children's education, and will do all he can to support their efforts.

Manager & COO
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"There are no teachers, only learners - it is my job as a teacher to create a learning environment." - Monty Roberts 

Born to a home where 'baby talk' was never practised and learning was encouraged, TobyLauren was an avid reader and eager adventurer by the age of four. Her first day of school was a much anticipated event, but after continually being given colouring pages to do while classmates completed their lessons, she soon lost interest in formal 'learning'.  She began home schooling in the middle of grade 3, and continued at home through high school, making the most of her time to include training horses and helping on the family farm, learning piano and violin, painting and writing.

Alberta Education requires two assessments per year by a certificated teacher in the employ of your school board. WISDOM's policy for our facilitators is to hire certificated teachers who also home school their own children. Your facilitator is there to help you reach your goals in educating your children, while at the same time satisfying government requirements.

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Michele has been married to Mike since 1985 (30 years and counting) and has come to WISDOM with an array of family life experiences given the children with which they have been blessed.

Their home schooling adventure began in 1994, having 'bumped' into some home schooling families both at church and in the community.  An introductory meeting at a Homeschooling presentation ignited their openness to embarking on the adventure.  Upon moving to Lamont, 40 minutes east of Edmonton, the Barters slipped quietly into town and began to homeschool their 4 children.  Michele was thrilled (most of the time) to be able to have her children home with her.

Joan Bishop has been a WISDOM facilitator since 2011. She feels very privileged to meet with home schooling families, coming alongside parents with support and encouragement.  She is a strong homeschooling advocate who firmly believes that this is the way to raise children from within close, caring families. She believes that educating children within family is of God's ancient paths; the way of the past that works.

Paul and I have been married for 23 years and we have 9 children: Julie (22), Rolland (20), Danielle (18), Natalie (16), Mario (13), Adam (11), Kateri (9), John Paul (6), and Rose (3). We began homeschooling in 1999 and have cherished every moment on the journey. We began homeschooling so we could have the freedom to pass on our beliefs and values to our children. We felt that homeschooling was the best way to do so, because we would simply have more time with them. Homeschooling has been everything we hoped it would be and more. God is so good! Thankfully, our journey is not over and we have many more adventures yet to be had with our younger children. Recently we moved to the farm in Westlock and my husband is now a full-time farmer, enabling him to be even more involved in homeschooling and family life.

Randy has served with WISDOM for the past eighteen years.  Randy and Catie are now empty nesters with special privileges: getting to lick the beaters yourself, have dessert any night of the week, sleep in until any hour of the day and have pie for breakfast! For the past 29 years near Edson, Randy and Catie have raised and educated their four children, Nathan, Joshua, Esther and Reuben, who are now all flapping their wings.

Troy is a former Anglican who became a Catholic in the summer of 2005 after being instructed in the faith by the Fathers of the Toronto Oratory.  The majority of his career was spent in Edmonton where in addition to his constant involvement in church music, he was the Artistic Director of the community choral programme Cantemus Canada and Principal Conductor of the orchestra Ludemus - Classical Garage Band.  In 2010 Troy received the Excellence in Catholic Teaching Award from the Alberta Catholic School Trustees Association for his teaching in Catholic Schools. Previous to his becoming the Director of Music at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church and Programme Director of  the Holy House of Our Lady & St. John, he was the Chaplain and Head of Religious Studies at J.H. Picard Catholic School in Edmonton.  The Lamoureuxs are dedicated homeschoolers and reside in Airdrie.

Mark began as a facilitator with WISDOM in 1998.   He has journeyed with so many beautiful families in the years since.  He and his wife, Lorena, have four children. They live with their two youngest children, Tamara and Daniel, in the beautiful lake community of Sundance in Calgary.    They enjoy the many activities of both rural and urban life. They are blessed to have their two older children and their spouses living nearby.  Sarah and her husband Ben live in Red Deer. Scott and his wife Mariela live in Calgary.

Simon grew up in rural Alberta, and was home schooled from kindergarden through grade 12. He attended California's Thomas Aquinas College in 2005, and came home to Alberta with a BA and his wife, Nicole. He continued his education at Concordia in Edmonton, receiving his B.Ed in 2011. After that, he taught jr. high with the separate school in Cold Lake for several years before joining the WISDOM team as facilitator in Summer of 2014. He continues to make time for his many hobbies that include music, sailing, BBQing, photography and many outdoor pursuits. Simon and Nicole have three daughters and a son. 

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”
– St. Catherine of Siena

Home education has allowed Nicole to do just that, and prepared her for the journey that God wants to lead her on. Nicole Painchaud grew up in Central Alberta. She was home schooled with WISDOM Home Schooling from birth to grade 12 and if she could have continued home schooling through university, she would have done that too. After graduating, Nicole completed a Certificate in Canadian Youth Ministry Studies, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and a Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree. Nicole has taught private piano lessons, served a year with Pure Witness Ministries, worked as a Team Member at Our Lady of Victory Camp, and worked as a Youth Ministry Coordinator. She has spent the last year teaching K-4 Elementary Music in Sherwood Park and is very excited to begin her journey with the WISDOM family. She enjoys playing piano, writing, gardening, reading about the lives of the saints and teachings of the church, being involved in family/youth ministry within her church community, and enjoys the peacefulness of country life (including the simplicity and hard but very rewarding work).

Sue and her husband Dean have been married more than 30 years, and have four sons - Josh, Ben, Jesse, and David - whom they educated at home through high school and beyond.  Sue loved the time spent at home as a family, learning and growing together.  The kitchen table became the center of numerous discussions, debates, questions, and discoveries.  “Why?” was always encouraged and truth was mined from readings, studies, conversations, and more questions.

Our family began on July 29, 1983, when Daniel and I were married. Today we serve our Lord in Lac La Biche, Alberta. God has given us 5 treasures to nurture. Our three daughters are happily married (to former home educators) and our grandchildren have started coming! Our two sons are pursuing their careers. 

Diane and I met in high school and were married in 1981 in Calgary. Before our children were born, Diane taught English and French in senior and junior high school. I was formerly a Financial Analyst, then made a career change and became a high school Physics and Chemistry teacher. I was blessed to be offered a position with WISDOM in the fall of 1997 and am now in my 18th year of facilitating. Diane and I have also volunteered together in our church in the marriage preparation ministry for many years.

My wife, Joyce, and I have been blessed with six children, all of whom are grown and gone from home.  We are thrilled to now have grandchildren on their home education journey and to walk alongside the second generation of home educators!

Since 1992, Glenn has held variety of positions within the educational field along with working extensively within the home school community as a homeschooling facilitator with WISDOM. He seeks to serve home school families by encouraging them in their capacity to form their children and achieve the goals that have been placed on their minds and hearts. 

He and his wife have always home schooled their children and upon completion of their oldest child’s high schooling at home in 2015, they found multiple post-secondary options available to her.  The success Glenn and his wife have found in preparing their children for a future after home schooling only serves to strengthen their conviction that home schooling has been one of their best decisions they have ever made for their family.

Paul and his wife Mary have been married more than 30 years, have seven children, and have been home educating for over 20 years. Home education is a commitment to a different path of life. The family loves Socratic discussion because it is not just a form of education but a part of daily life – during tea times, during meal times, while driving to an event or a fiddle lesson. As Mary says, "we have a deep commitment to classical education. It is a part of our life." Mary recalls first considering home schooling: "We noticed how whole and how good and how holy home schooled children were. Home schooling families spent time together and grew together as a family. We wanted that!"

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Rae was home schooled from grade 1 through 12 and enjoyed every minute of the journey.   In the LaRocque house, learning was fun!  Whether it was racing with her sister to complete the math lesson first (with the fewest mistakes), researching every current or passing interest, reading as often as possible, or working with their menagerie of farm pets, Rae's parents taught her that learning is not just something that happens in a classroom from 9 to 3 on weekdays. Learning happens everywhere and should be enjoyable!