WISDOM Diploma & WISDOM Certificate of High School Completion

Each home education student who successfully completes high school at home will have achieved the Alberta Home Education Regulation’s Schedule of Learning Outcomes at a high school level. This student is then qualified to receive a WISDOM Diploma or a WISDOM Certificate of High School Completion. 

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WISDOM Diploma Request Form

WISDOM Certificate of High School Completion

WISDOM Parent Verified Transcript

A WISDOM Parent Verified Transcript is a summary record of marks or grades as verified by the parent (teacher) of a home educated student. It is an official document containing a table of individual courses or programs of study with corresponding marks or grades of the student’s high school year as verified by the parents. WISDOM certifies this document by signing off on it, and providing the official seal of WISDOM Home Schooling.

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Transcript Submission Form (PDF)

Transcript Submission Form (Word Document)

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