In order to claim educational funding, our Expense Form needs to be filled in and printed off, signed and sent to us along with your original receipts. Your receipts must be no more than two years old, and must reflect your Education Program Plan.

You may send receipts to us at any time during the year, but anything sent after the last business day of May will apply to the following school year. You may carry forward unused funding by sending us a letter, fax or email requesting that funding be carried over, before June 30.

We recommend that you make a copy of your expense form and receipts before sending it to us, in case your package is lost in the mail.

EFT Application  Apply for Electronic Funds Transfer for direct deposit of refunds. Beginning in Fall 2017, all refunds will be transmitted electronically.

Before you begin:

  • ORIGINAL receipts must sent to the WISDOM office. Photocopies are not acceptable even when it is desirable to keep the original for warranty purposes, as in the case of a computer.  We keep all receipts on file, and in the case of a warranty issue, arrangements can be made to return the original receipt to you. We do recommend that you make a copy of the Expense Form and receipts that you send to us, in case your originals are lost in the mail.
  • The receipts must be for expenses that were incurred for the home education of your children with WISDOM.  Allowable and non-allowable expenses are listed in our Funding Policy. If the educational nature of your purchase is not self-evident, please attach a written explanation of how the purchase fits into your education program plan. Receipts must be no more than two years old at the time we reimburse them. This temporary policy is in effect since October 3, 2016, when AB Education released their new Standards for Home Education Reimbursements.
  • If there are additional purchases on your receipt that you do not want to claim, cross them off.
  • On each receipt, write “B” beside all items that are books.

To Fill Out the Expense Form

  • Now, fill out the Home School Resource Expense form. 
    NOTE: This file will not work properly when it is opened in a web browser or a preview program. Please download this file to your computer and open it with Adobe Reader, a free program that can be found here.
  • Do not list each individual item on its own line, but fill out one line for each complete receipt.
  • In the "PRICE" column, fill in the pre-tax sum of all books beside "BOOKS", and the pre-tax sum of every non-book item (including things like shipping & handling) beside "OTHER". (A blank notebook or calendar is considered to be "other".)
  • If the vendor has charged you GST, calculate 5% GST for the books and write it on the “GST Books” line.  Enter the GST of everything else on the “GST Other” line.  Make sure these two add up to the total GST on your receipt.
  • Add up the "PRICE" and "GST" columns and write the sum in the "Total Purchase" Column.
  • Add up everything in the Total Purchase column and enter the grand total at the bottom of the page.  If you have more receipts than will fit on a single form, please fill out another form, but total each form separately.**
  • Please note:  If you are claiming receipts with either no GST, with PST or other tax, or using foreign currencies (eg: purchased from the US), please ensure that these instances are made clear to us, and that supporting receipts (like a visa statement or Paypal printout) are supplied.
  • If you run out of space with one page, you can print and start another one. Just add the totals together, and we will check it all when we receive the forms at the office.
  • **If you have downloaded the Expense Form to your computer, it will calculate totals for you.

Click here to go to the Expense Form (PDF). This file will not work properly when it is opened in a web browser or a preview program.  Download the file to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader, fill it in, print and sign it, and send it into the WISDOM office with your original recipts.