As their teacher, you will assess your child's progress on an ongoing basis, using the methods you detail in your Education Program Plan.

The Facilitator Evaluation is completed twice annually during your facilitator visit. Your facilitator will complete a portfolio review and interview, and the resulting evaluation forms part of your official student record. This basis of the evaluation is your Education Program Plan (EPP), meaning that student progress is compared to their own ability and not to other students.

The evaluation is designed to capture the initial level of the student in the Fall, and then measure their progress up to the point of the Spring visit.

Part A (Evaluation by Parents) is not strictly required.  Part A is, in most cases, extremely helpful to the student, parent, and facilitator, and therefore to be completed by default. It is based on the desirable personal characteristics in the Schedule of Learner Outcomes. It is recommended, as part of educating the whole child, but a parent may wish to opt out of completing any part, or the entirety of Part A. 

Part B, Academic Achievement, is the facilitator evaluation of student progress, based on the parents' EPP. Additional commentary is added as desired.