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What is a Parent Verified Transcript (PVT) of Courses and Marks?

A PVT is a summary record of marks or grades as verified by the parent (teacher) of a home educated student. It is an official document containing a table of individual courses or programs of study with corresponding marks or grades of the student’s high school year as verified by the parents.

WISDOM certifies this document by signing off on it, and providing the official seal of WISDOM Homeschooling. 

A PVT may include grade 12 results alone, or any combination of high school grades.

Some institutions or businesses, especially in other provinces or the USA, may request grade 9 marks as well.

Samples of what a PVT might look like

What is the PVT useful for?

A PVT provides parents and students with a personal record of high school achievement. It is an official, certified document that can be given to various post secondary institutions or businesses which require a transcript of marks for admission. It should be noted that some post secondary institutions require specific Alberta Course marks as found on an Alberta Transcript. The PVT may not satisfy these specific requirements. However, for cases that don't require specific Alberta Course marks, the PVT typically fulfills the requirements for admission. It is always advisable to speak directly to the institution or business the student wishes to apply to in order to determine if the PVT will be accepted for their particular admission requirements.

How do I get a PVT?

There are three methods of requesting a transcript:

  1. You can submit a transcript request through the website following this link: Transcript Form
  2. You can fill out a Transcript Submission form (available as fillable PDF and Word document) and email it to
  3. You can email the transcript information along with a list of courses studied, descriptions of the courses if desired, and final marks. Copy & paste the example below as a good email template:

Student Full Legal Name: Arthur Maximilian
Sample Date of Birth: July 07, 2004
Student ASN: 1165-2234-1 (if unknown the WISDOM office can provide this)
Parent Names: Jane & Brent Sample
Address: Box 123, Sample Road, Town, AB T0B 1C0
Phone Number: 1-780-123-4567
Graduation date to appear on transcript: June 23, 2023

Grade 10
Mathematics: (Optional Description) 81% (or B)
English: (Optional Description) 94% (or A)
Home Economics: (Optional Description) 90% (or A-) et cetera.

Grade 11
Mathematics: (Optional Description) 84% (or B)
English: (Optional Description) 98% (or A+)
Home Economics: (Optional Description) 89% (or B+) et cetera.

Grade 12
Mathematics: (Optional Description) 80% (or B-)
English: (Optional Description) 90% (or A-)
Home Economics: (Optional Description) 98% (or A+) et cetera.

How do I determine a mark as a parent?

There are several methods of determining a mark, including:

  • Portfolio of marked student work
  • Facilitator feedback
  • Parent observation
  • Unit tests, practice tests, or final tests
  • WISDOM online course feedback
  • Teacher/Tutor feedback
  • CTBS (Canadian Test of Basic Skills) testing results.
  • CLT (Classic Learning Test)

It is important to understand that these marks are verified by the parent. There are many ways to evaluate student achievement that compliments their unique method of education. Parents have the capacity to determine the depth and breadth of their child’s learning. 

It is essential that marks are based on authentic evaluation of completed objectives. Providing arbitrary marks can be damaging to a student's future.

What grading scale do I use?

As the parent teacher, you choose the method of grading. For example Alberta Education grades by percentage, the University of Alberta uses letter grades and grade point average, and any given school might have their own grading scale. Parents are free to choose to use percentage, a letter grade, both, or even your own terms such as “pass” or “complete.”

The following is an example of grading equivalency, which may be helpful in determining consistent marks for a transcript. 

Letter grade: A+
%: 95–100%
GPA: 4.0

Letter grade: A
%: 90-94%
GPA: 3.9

Letter grade: A-
%: 83-89%
GPA: 3.7

Letter grade: B+
%: 77-82%
GPA: 3.3

Letter grade: B
%: 73-76%
GPA: 3.0

Letter grade: B-
%: 70-72%
GPA: 2.7

Letter grade: C+
%: 67-69%
GPA: 2.3

Letter grade: C
%: 63-66%
GPA: 2.0

Letter grade: C-
%: 60-62%
GPA: 1.7

Letter grade: D+
%: 55-59%
GPA: 1.3

Letter grade: D
%: 50-54%
GPA: 1.0

Letter grade: F
%: 0–49%
GPA: 0.0

How do I label the courses or programs of study on the PVT?

The parent decides how courses and programs of study to appear on the PVT.  Here are three common approaches:

General PVT

Combine individual studies into one cumulative mark or grade for each subject. The rationale for this method is that post secondary institutions are often interested in simply one overall mark for each subject. This PVT of general courses is an easily recognizable format. 

Detailed PVT

Some parents provide a very detailed PVT. This could include a long list of each individual subject, course, or program of study completed by their child with a corresponding mark or grade for each. This can be useful for your own personal records, and some institutions or businesses might be particularly interested in individual areas of student competency. 

Focused PVT

Some parents like to have a specialized PVT targeted towards a specific post-secondary institution or business. This can be useful for students pursuing things such as a music degree, or seek to get into a particular trade. 

The following is a general list of subjects/categories and various studies that generally fall under each.  This list is not exhaustive, but may help parents plan the PVT.

Table of Studies

Can I request specific formatting and additions to the PVT?

Yes, there is great flexibility to the content and appearance of the PVT.  WISDOM might offer suggestions to keep your PVT looking professional, but if there is a specific element you would like, please let us know and we will discuss options with you.

Please note, WISDOM Home Schooling certifies the document with the official WISDOM seal and reserves the right to refuse the addition of any element that would negatively reflect WISDOM as a whole.

Have Questions?

Any questions regarding the PVT can be directed to:

Christian Bekolay, High School Advisor
Phone: 780-854-0489
Fax: 780-741-2113

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