Upper-Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (10-14 yrs), $165 - Prerequisite- one Fables and Tales Course.

The child and parent take this course together.  This is a reading and discussion course.  Animal themed literature – fun and meaningful! A delightful reading list will engage the child with quality writing and will form an interesting foundation for taking discussion deeper than mere comprehension.  

(Students must obtain their own books for this course)


Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (8-10 yrs), $165 - No Prerequisite

Come ready to read and discuss! This is a parent/child course. Experience using the Socratic method in this introductory level course while reading and studying a weekly fable or tale. The entire family is encouraged to participate in reading and asking questions about these classic short stories prior to class, so that once in class the experience is rich.  Explore the deep lessons and ideas in these seemingly simple readings.


Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (8-10 yrs), $165 – No Prerequisite

Parent/child explore the Socratic Method and the world of stories, fables, and fairy tales, with somewhat more advanced readings than Fables and Tales 1. Not only will these discussions examine the lessons and ideas within the stories, but the children will also start to examine what makes a fairy tale or a fable, and what about a reading makes it exciting or instructive, or both.


Upper Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (11-13yrs), $165 - No Prerequisite

The child and parent take this course together. Each of the seven books in C.S. Lewis’s classic series will be explored and analyzed.  The process of peeling back the many layers found in the Chronicles of Narnia will reveal to students how to begin with a concrete story and then analyze it for themes, ideas, and character development.


Upper Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (10-12 yrs), $165 - Prerequisite- one Fables and Tales Course

The child and parent take this course together.  This is a reading and discussion course.  A delightful reading list will engage the child with quality writing and will form an interesting foundation for taking discussion deeper than mere comprehension.  Students must obtain their own copies of books.


Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (9-12yrs), $165 – No Prerequisite

Anne of Green Gables, Story Girl, and Pat of Silver Bush will be read and discussed.

These are humorous and intriguing characters in delightful stories set in Canada. There are many valuable lessons, truths andideas to discover.

Note: Students do well to get their own copies of the books being read.


13 yrs and up, $165 – Prerequisite - either one Upper Junior or Intermediate level course. 

By utilizing the Socratic Method of discussion, students will uncover timeless truths embedded in Nicholas Nickleby.Hot-tempered, daring, and wonderstruck Nicholas Nickleby breaks the law to save his friend Smike from his tyrannical, one-eyed master.  Only nineteen years old, the two of them find themselves on the run, seeking their fortune wherever they can find it. Hilarity strikes as Nicholas finds himself in crazy situations only Dickens could dream up, but he must also use his wits and his fists against an array of villains who are determined to destroy him. Drama, humour, true love, tragedy, and surprises abound in a young Charles Dickens’ masterpiece.


14 yrs and up, $165 - Prerequisite: One other Intermediate level course.

“Over the wine-dark sea wended the terrible fleet of a thousand ships, on the inconstant ocean dancing….” In the world’s youth, Greek bards came up the world’s first fully-developed epic fantasy, full of unforgettable characters. Laugh at the hilarious story of Hermes who became a thief on the very day he was born! Soar over the bold Odysseus’s ship as he navigates hydras, enchantresses, and the perils of a treacherous sea – will he ever come home to reclaim his rightful kingdom? Will Aeneas survive to found the geat dynasty from which Rome will spring?  Brimming with cunning warriors, clever maidens, heartbreak and heroism, the Greek mythos is not to be missed!

This course is designed to build students up in familiarity and comfort with the cast of mortals and immortals that people the pages of these tales. Students will grow in confidence as they progress from modern-day retellings of myth to the original ancient writing. Socratic discussion allows them to mine the truths that lie in these tales, build up their critical thinking, and grow in communication skills.


Intermediate - 12 yrs and up, $165.00, 14 week course– No prerequisite

Glimmerings of imagination tangle with tales of true-life heroesin the pages of historical fiction. Thrill to these well-loved tales of a treasure hidden in the depths of an old abbey, Joan of Arc’s battle for France, a conspiracy to overthrow the king of the micro-nation of Ruritania, St. Paul the Apostle’s escape from murderers by night in a basket, and more!


12 yrs. and up,  $165 - Prerequisite: Must have read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

Sojourn through the ages, reading Greek and Norse mythology and Christian tales. Each class will take time to discuss Tolkien’s works in light of the bigger, weekly discussions. The reading list includes titles that influenced J.R.R. Tolkien and his writings.