Your Education Program Plan (EPP) is your most important document. It defines your home education program, assures your authority, and prevents imposition of provincial testing.  Your plan is flexible, and you may change it at any time in the year.  Your current (or revised) plan must be approved by your facilitator and kept on file in the WISDOM office.

Please have your Education Program Plan approved by your facilitator before September 30th.  In order to give them time to review, perhaps suggest additions, and approve your plan, please email it to them by August 31st.  If you need assistance to meet the Aug 31st deadline, please do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A suitable Education Program Plan (EPP) can be discussed and developed with your facilitator.

Please follow the Checklist to be sure that your plan meets the requirements of Alberta Education.

Your plan should be based on Alberta Education's Schedule of Learner Outcomes.  These outcomes are to be achieved by the end of grade 12.

Program Plan Samples:
Basic Plan
Basic Plan 2
Strengths & Weaknesses Plan
Short-Term & Long-Term Goal Plan

Program Plan Templates:
You may customize any of the previous examples to suit your child, using the following templates. (Please download the template to your computer before filling in.)
Basic Plan Template
Simple Grade 1 Plan Sample/Template
Strengths & Weaknesses Plan Template
Long Range/Short Range Template
Short-Term & Long-Term Goal Template

If you are looking for suggestions of ways to state various Instructional Methods, click here.

Remember S.A.M. when you plan: Keep your plan Simple, Achievable, and Measurable.

For more information, you may review Alberta Education's Home Education Handbook. AB Ed Home Education Handbook