We are here to support your family's unique needs, offering encouragement and expert advice as you need it.

WISDOM Home Schooling is the home education department of The Gilbertine Academy. When you join us, you will see the school name or association name (The Gilbertine Institute) listed on various documents and resources.

When you submit your notification via our parent portal, we will ensure all the information is correct and create your enrollment. A member of the team will send you a welcome email. After that, we will assign you a facilitator, who will make contact and assist you in your home school planning and implementation. They can help you set a vision for your home school, as well as help you tailor a unique program that fits your students' individual learning needs.

In high school, we'll discuss post secondary choices, and help you decide what avenue of completion to pursue, whether it be an Alberta High School Diploma, or a WISDOM Completion Diploma and Parent Verified Transcript (see High School for more).

WISDOM does our best to meet you at your needs. Some families prefer more interaction with our office staff, PAC, and facilitator, while others feel confident in their path and prefer more independence. Please do let us know what you prefer. Remember to keep the lines of communication open to help us to serve you best.

Though the funding deadline is September 29, we will accept families throughout the year, pending an approved education program plan. We do appreciate those un-funded families who are able, to consider sending us a donation to help cover our operating costs, even if it's just a small portion of the $850 student support amount.

WISDOM exists solely to serve the traditional home schooling family. Join us!


Part of The Gilbertine Institute