The Philosophy Club is currently on hold. Please contact Nicole Noster if you would like to be updated about future activity.

To help continue the search for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, we have created the WISDOM Philosophy Club.

One of the primary principles behind the goals of the WISDOM Socratic Dialogue Online Program is to encourge and strengthen ongoing conversations among families and friends. For course veterans, we hope that dinner discussion may delve just a little deeper and be just a little more rigorous, and that your art of conversation will include more critical thinking and wit than before.

We see students whose desire for learning continues to develop more intentionally. It is for these students, inclined to keep the conversation going outside of class, that we were inspired to offer the Philosophy Club.

Please take a moment to read through the membership requirements below, and if you are interested in joining, please email Program Director Nicole Noster: .

Requirements for Club Members

  • Members must have taken one Intermediate course before they join the club.
  • Members must have taken or are currently taking a WISDOM online course within the present academic year.
  • Club term will be on an academic year basis. Members can join at any time throughout the academic year, but will only be part of the club until the end of the academic year. Each new academic year will commence a new sign up period for all interested.
  • Members must agree to the Etiquette Guidelines. Removal from the club will occur if these guidelines are not followed.
  • Membership is free and voluntary; committed and regular club meeting attendance is strongly encouraged.
  • Readings will be chosen by popular vote, but will be subject to approval by the Program Director. Usually, no reading will be chosen which is currently being studied in the Online Program.
  • Club size will have a maximum of 20 members. First come, first served.
  • WISDOM graduates who were club members in their final academic year are welcome to 1 year of continued membership.