High School

A note from a WISDOM parent:

These Zoom open houses have been so helpful. There’s no way we could visit so many different schools in person. My kids still have a couple of years before they head off to post secondary but these sessions are answering so many valuable questions and motivating them to keep studying and working through their high school courses. We are all in a year end slump at the moment and these open houses are definitely motivating them to study.
And my daughter pointed out last night that it will help us to narrow down the schools she’d like to see in person. It’s been awesome so far. Looking forward to the U of C open house.
I’m not sure if these Open Houses are usually set up on Zoom or if it’s just covid but we are loving it. The Athabasca U presenter even inspired me to register for a course.
I think it might be less overwhelming than going to a school fair with tons of different schools at tables. This lets us focus on the one school. Then we talk about it and consider whether it’s a serious option. Hearing other people’s questions is awesome too. Please let the people who set this up know that we really appreciate it and we hope the Zoom format will continue for those of us who live so far away from everything.

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