Trinity Christian School Association (TCSA) and the WISDOM Home Schooling program (WISDOM) are undertaking significant and exciting transitions this summer. 

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The following staff members have informed TCSA of their intention to resign from TCSA and work with WISDOM as employees of the Gilbertine Institute of Calgary, Alberta.  

Michele Barter Diane Pollock TobyLauren Burgess Henrietta Neilson
Joan Bishop Kim Schultz Naomi Doyle Marlane Noster
Rachelle Godin Louis Sehn Carolyn Fast Nicole Noster
Randy Kopp Glenn Spiess John Hoekstra Saul Noster
Troy Lamoureux Paul van den Bosch Rae LaRocque Sarah Rowley
Mark Meakes Mike Barter Abigail Mailhot Dan Schultz
Simon Noster Christian Bekolay Janelle Mailhot Joyce Sehn
Nicole Painchaud Haley Bekolay Melissa McEachern Susan Spiess
Sue Peachment Maggie Bekolay Michelle McLay Joshua Stromberg
Joe Pollock Jim Burgess Mary Morrow Terry Yaceyko

WISDOM Home Schooling will move to the Gilbertine Institute along with these individuals, and will continue to serve traditional home education under this new school authority beginning this Summer.  Gilbertine Institute operates a small private school in Calgary, and they are very supportive of home education.

TCSA intends to continue serving home educators through a new Trinity@Home program, serving traditional home education this Fall, and expanding to include shared responsibility and teacher directed programs the following year.  Since this is a very recent development, more details will be available on the TCSA website in a few weeks regarding the Trinity@Home program. TCSA hopes to confirm these plans by July 30, 2020.

A consent order with AB Education led to administrative tensions that have been increased by requirements imposed by the 2020-21 AB Education Funding Manual. This has led to irreconcilable differences.

The Trinity Christian School Association board of directors recognizes that with WISDOM choosing to move to Gilbertine it is in the best interest of families and students to facilitate as smooth a transition as possible. They are working to that end and wish us all the best. On June 25th, the TCSA board passed several motions to allow a smooth and professional departure of the WISDOM program from TCSA.

WISDOM is excited to work under the authority of the Gilbertine Institute, who are highly supportive of our vision and our approach to supporting home education.

We wish TCSA the best as they continue to do good work in their private school, and as they make plans to develop a new homeschooling program.

WISDOM is firm in our commitment to traditional homeschooling, supporting only parent-delivered education.

Feel free to contact
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with any questions.

For more information on Gilbertine Institute, please click here.


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