Thank you to all parents and home schooling advocates who have persisted in speaking up for what their children need; the Government of Alberta has recently made a change in COVID-19 restrictions in order to recognize home school cohort groups, allowing established groups and home school co-ops to gather for learning activities, physical education, etc.

From the Government of Alberta:

Effective January 25, home education students can participate in learning activities in facilities outside their homes if they follow Guidance for school re-entry – scenario 1

Effective February 8, home education students can participate in sports and extra-curricular activities in facilities where access is limited to students and parents from home education co-ops or supportive group learning environments outside of homes.

Home education or course-based activities (cohort): Physical education or performance arts programs may take place in off-site facilities if students remain in their cohort and all health protocols are followed.

The Alberta Home Education Association has provided more information about the specific details surrounding home school cohort groups. Please click here to read their update.

At this time, in-home gatherings are still not permitted to home schooling groups. WISDOM's school authority has opened their doors to our student groups in Calgary, and Edmonton-based support group SHiNE has offered their facility as well. Some churches and other meeting facilities have agreed to rent meeting spaces upon being shown the details of AB's CMOH order.

We will update this page as we have new information. Meanwhile, please keep an eye on this AB Government page - the earliest that in-home gatherings will be allowed seems to be March 25, in Step 3.