The 2024 AHEA Convention is just around the corner, and I'm sure many of you are making plans to attend. While our finance team will not be attending the convention in person, WISDOM is pleased to be able to offer Purchase Orders (POs) with select vendors during the convention.Because of the timing of the convention, we will be extending the Purchase Order deadline to June 1 this year only so that orders using POs can be placed for the duration of the convention.

PO processing will be the same for families at the convention as it is during the year, namely, you will shop with approved vendors and indicate your intention to use a WISDOM PO for your purchase. The vendor will email a preliminary invoice to us for approval, and upon approval from a member of our finance team, your order can be released to you. If there are vendors from our PO vendor list attending the convention but not listed as available for POs during AHEA, you are welcome to inquire with them about placing an order in advance of the convention to possibly pick up your order in person and save on shipping costs.

Read on for a full list of the vendors offering POs at AHEA 2024.

The following is an alphabetical list of the vendors who have indicated interest in offering POs at AHEA 2024, with website address and special instructions, if applicable:

    1. Please submit an advanced order request to us at and use Wisdom PO - Advanced Order Request for AHEA Convention in the subject line so that we can pre-approve your PO with WISDOM.
    2. Advanced order requests will not be held or reserved at the booth, they are to have your POs pre-approved by WISDOM so you don't need to visit our booth twice and increase the risk of our inventory running out.
    3. If any items are backordered when you visit our booth there will be an additional $12 shipping charge added. This is payable at our booth and the amount will not be included in the WISDOM PO.
    4. Purchase orders that were not submitted in advance will be accepted but you will have to return to our booth after WISDOM has confirmed the order. Products in your order that are pending PO Approval can not be held at the booth which is why it is best to submit an email in advance of the conference. 

If you wish to have an update on the amount of funding available to your family at this time, you are welcome to inquire with WISDOM's finance team by email ( or phone (877-425-8546 ext 2).

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