Nicole grew up in Central Alberta. She was home schooled with WISDOM Home Schooling from birth to grade 12 and if she could have continued home schooling through university, she would have done that too. Nicole is married to Malachi Barter who is also a WISDOM Home School graduate and they look forward to welcoming their first child in the fall of 2021. They both look forward to homeschooling their children in the future as they begin their family.

After graduating high school, Nicole completed a Certificate in Canadian Youth Ministry Studies, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and a Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree. Nicole has taught private piano lessons, served in youth ministry for several years, has taught K-4 Elementary Music and grade 4 Social Studies classes in Sherwood Park and has been a facilitator with WISDOM Home Schooling since fall of 2018. She enjoys playing piano, writing, gardening, history, reading about the lives of the saints and teachings of the church, being involved in family/youth ministry within her church community, and enjoys the peacefulness of country life (including the simplicity and hard but very rewarding work).

As the oldest of seven children, Nicole has assisted in the education of her younger siblings, teaching a variety of topics to children of differing personalities and learning styles. With an active and creative imagination, the four acres of land her family owned became anything from the trade market of the Nile river in Egypt to the Underground Railroad Freedom Passageway to Canada. Learning really came alive and was internalized through real life experiences. Home schooling enabled Nicole to be very active in her local and church community, volunteering in various capacities over the years. She has a passion for faith, family life, and home education.

“I love how home education brings families together, enabling parents to fulfill their God-given call to train their children in preparation for their mission to love and serve the Lord. It isn’t just about academics and following rules, but rather about living and learning in an environment that incorporates faith, character building, living the virtues, social skills that promote healthy relationships and prepares our children for a future of success. It is a great privilege and blessing for a family to work together, play together, and learn together; one worth fighting for,” says Nicole. “I am so very thankful and blessed that my parents home schooled me. It has made me who I am today and really prepared me for the adventures that God is leading me on. Having been home schooled myself and made it to the other side I hope to be able to encourage parents and students in their home education journeys so that they too can set the world on fire.”

Nicole Barter, Edmonton