Sherri is no stranger to homeschool families. Born in Alberta, Sherri was raised as a missionary kid in West Africa, where her parents home schooled her and her siblings through Grade 12. After high school, she obtained a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with a minor in French as a Second Language at the University of Alberta. Her first year of teaching was back in West Africa, serving missionary families as coordinator/consultant/itinerant teacher in a small homeschool co-op.

As much as she loved the job, she was only filling in for another teacher who was on home assignment. The following year, the Lord directed her steps to Operation Mobilization, where she served onboard their ocean-going vessel the MV Logos Hope. Sherri taught the children of other crew members in the small school onboard for 3 years, learning the British Curriculum while she was at it, and also serving as Head Teacher for 1.5 of those years.

After her tenure with OM, Sherri taught at a private school in Alberta. After 8 years of teaching, Sherri saw the need for a break and has spent her years since in a variety of employment, including roofing, private tutoring, substitute teaching, helping at the post office and working for Parks Canada in Jasper during the summer months. Working in Jasper has allowed her to enjoy and develop her hobbies of photography, hiking and scrambling. In the winter months, Sherri resides in Edson and enjoys cross-country skiing, baking, reading, and playing board/card games with friends.

Sherri is very grateful for the experiences the Lord has blessed her with and considers it a privilege to have been raised overseas and to have been home educated. Her teen years were a time of deep involvement in her parents’ ministry and strong relationships were built with her African peers, some of which continue today albeit from a distance. She has learned much from each family she has worked with, and from the beginning of her teaching career could see that parental involvement is key to a child’s growth and development in every area. She has been a strong supporter of parental choice in education and maintains that no 1-size-fits-all. Her prayer is that the Lord will use her to be an encouragement and support to homeschooling families in Alberta.

Sherri Hufnagel, Edson