Joy Ronald was born the youngest of ten siblings in Edmonton and grew up in Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. She went to public school and became a teacher because she wanted to make those schools a better place! 

Joy married her husband Glen in 1997 and they headed the next day to Thailand, where Joy had been working and where they continued to work in education, trying to tailor more student centred experiences. They returned to Canada in 1999, and their first son was born in 2000.

Joy was teaching during that pregnancy, and it was the experience of being back in Canadian schools that made her realize she wanted something better for her kids. She began homeschooling as soon as her first child was born, and was inspired by educating four very different creative learners throughout most of their school careers. Her fourth child graduated last year, and Joy is excited to be a facilitator again! 

Joy’s eldest son has completed a B.A. in Philosophy at King’s University, most of a Master’s in Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies, and is now enrolled in the B. Ed. after degree program at King’s. Her next, her only daughter, is in her fourth year of a Psychology degree at King’s. Their third son is an artist working his way to full time studies in Japan. And their last son has just begun a one-year diploma at an Edmonton Bible school. It’s great fun to see them thriving in their areas of interest and talent. Joy and Glen have been married for 26 years; Glen is a professional artist and also runs a 24 year-old branding company.

Joy loves supporting homeschoolers and feels like she has been training for this job for the last thirty years! She loves the opportunity to encourage and exhort and has found the role of facilitating so mutually uplifting!

Joy Ronald, Sherwood Park

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