High School Humanities Specialist


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Siebert to our faculty.  Andrew is eager to continue his life-long exploration of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty with all of the students of The Gilbertine Academy, both WISDOM Home Schooling students and the campus students.

As an interdisciplinary adventurer, Andrew has greatly enjoyed connecting history, philosophy, and literature in his classes as a teacher in the Republic of Georgia - the land of Prometheus and Jason's Golden Fleece.  Along with teaching AP courses, Literature, and coaching debate, he has spent the last six years discovering medieval castles and archaeological sites with his wife Rachel and their four homeschooling children.  Andrew loves the outdoors, discussions about the history of ideas, and writing.  

Starting in Fall 2021, Andrew will be directing all English and Social Studies course challenges for students of WISDOM Home Schooling. At the Gilbertine Academy, Andrew will be teaching English and leading socratic seminars in history and philosophy to high school students, with parent and faculty participation.