High School Advisor; High School Math & Science Specialist

Desmond Kilgannon is pleased to step into the role of Credit Advisor to WISDOM families.  He thanks Rae LaRocque and Vic Wiens for all their hard work in laying the foundation stones and lighting the path forward for WISDOM High School credit programming.  Desmond began working for WISDOM in 2020 as a Facilitator and became the Credit Advisor in 2021. 

Desmond and his wife Claudia homeschooled their three children through high school.  He also worked for 27 years as a Math, Science and Technology teacher.  For the last 12 years of that career, he added school administration to his repertoire, first as a secondary school assistant principal and then as principal.  Never once, though, did he stop teaching his favourite subject: senior high Math.  As a secondary school administrator, Desmond became very familiar with all aspects of the Alberta High School Diploma and the ways and means of achieving it.  Now, he is rapidly learning the many options open to homeschooled students who wish to pursue specific high school courses or the full Alberta High School Diploma.

Desmond looks forward to assisting families as they discern the best path through high school for their children, whether they wish to pursue a Parent Authorized Diploma, a mixture of traditional home schooling with some Alberta Education credits, or the complete Alberta High School Diploma.