Mediated Learning Program Director
Dynamic Assessment

I feel honoured to provide WISDOM parents with a means to help improve their inherent teaching abilities and gain insight into their children’s thinking. Doing assessments, workshop development, and continued development of the Mediated Learning Program has been a blessed journey. But most of all it has been the wonderful children I have assessed that has been the greatest blessing serving WISDOM. I can also see through the children the love, dedication and work the parents have poured into them, and you parents are an inspiration. You are doing a fantastic work!  I live on acreage near Derwent with my wonderful, incredible, fantastic (ok, I’ll stop) wife Liesbeth and we have been home schooling for twelve years. Also somewhere around here are my eight children and if I can remember correctly their names are Nathanael, Rebecca, Sarah, Jonathan, Hannah, Naomi, Miriam and Tirzah. There are also two horses, one dog, too many cats, chickens… and what, one sheep?