Home School Consultant
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Carolyn's school experience growing up varied from a local school in Central America, a year in a one room country school in Canada, a year being home schooled and grade12 in a large modern high school in Calgary.   Those transitions taught her that the methods used with education were not as important as her own personal motivation to learn.

After high school and nurses training she returned to Central America to work and study public health. She married in her mid thirties and had three children.  When it came time for her eldest to go to school, she wanted to be very involved in his education, and could not see how that would be done with two younger children at home.  The picture of walking her son to school in -30C  weather, his younger siblings in tow, was the final push that started her on her lifelong journey of home schooling.

Her past experiences taught her that when she was advised to use a Grade 1 ABeka reader for teaching her oldest to read, that she could adapt and forge ahead. Her children had a very ecclectic home education, filled with a lot of good quality reading and intellectual discussion. Carolyn enjoys having two of her now-adult children still around home.  All three are very different.  One has gone on to work on his doctorate in Philosophy and is currently a high school teacher, one has become a computer technician and window covering installer and loves skiing, sky diving and anything risky.  The youngest loves working in the outdoors.  She finished a year at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom and then did some Agriculture studies at Lakeland College.  She spends her spare time caring for and milking goats, raising geese, pigs and chickens.

Carolyn believes that home schooling was God’s gift to their family, and in spite of financial hardships, the children's learning experience has been very rich.  It has also allowed them to be their own individuals.

Carolyn is glad to be working for WISDOM and enjoys talking with other moms on the phone, and planning events for WISDOM families.