Senior Course (14 yrs and up), $185, 14 week course – Prerequisite: Foundational Great Books 

In this course, students will learn and appreciate the ancient approach of the study of the natural world in the context of living things. This course will discuss the methods and fundamental questions of classic natural science. How do we come to know about the natural world? What are the principles of nature? What kind of knowing is instinct? What does it mean to be “alive”?

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All other readings will be provided to registered students in an online format.

Reading List:

  • The Insect World by Jean Henri Fabre
  • Microscopical Researches into the Structure and Growth of Animals & Plants by Theodor Schwann (excerpts)
  • Cellular Pathology by Rudolf Virchow (excerpts)
  • The Lifeless World of Biology by Charles De Koninck
  • De Anima by Aristotle (excerpts)
  • Commentary on the De Anima by Thomas Aquinas (excerpts)
  • On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (excerpts)
  • Experiments in Plant Hybridization by Gregor Mendel (excerpts)