Classic Theatre

Classic Theatre

14 yrs and up, $185.00, 14 week course - No Prerequisite

A girl secretly helps an enemy soldier to escape from the soldiers of her own country – and finds herself bound to a dangerous game of secrecy. A Russian village is convinced that a spy is among them – unaware that he is only a bored young man with a tremendous imagination who loves to see what he can get with.  A king and a humble gondolier were mixed up at birth – now that they are of age, not even they know which should inherit the crown! Lights dim, the curtain rises, and the audience is swept away by side-aching laughter, fantastic thrills, and deeper questions that stay with us. Students read through the scripts of these timeless plays, and get a chance both to discuss them Socratically and to perform scene from them in class, readers’ theatre style. From Shaw to Shakespeare to Sophocles, come unleash your flair for the dramatic, and dive into some of the world’s greatest works of theatre.

Tuesdays, 10:30 - 12 PM
Classic Theatre       Maria McDonald

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Event Date Tuesday, 31 Jan, 2023
Spots available 7
Cut off date Sunday, 15 Jan, 2023
Price $185.00
Location Online Class