Chelsia Van Hierden is a storyteller, a scholar, and a native Albertan. She graduated magna cum laude from Regent University with a BA in Politics and History, and is currently undertaking her Master of Studies at Oxford University. Her deepest historical interest lies in the Second Temple period, through which she strives to uncover the grand coherence between the past and the present, to unveil sublime nuances beneath simple facts, and to foster historical understanding within the confines of an unstable world.

As a lover of classical studies, few things delight her so much as witnessing the mutual embrace of faith and reason, and the incarnation of abstract ideas in virtuous action. When she’s not studying in shadowed cloisters, you might find Chelsia enjoying heated political debates, penning a high-action thriller at the Eagle and Child, or exploring distant civilizations in an attempt to sedate her unquenchable wanderlust. 

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