Patrick was born and raised in Lloydminster, Alberta, as the youngest of three children. From a young age, his mother gave him a love of reading and listening by reading stories to him daily, and his father gave him a love of truth and tenacity in seeking it by a constant supply of skeptical political discourse. By homeschooling him with WISDOM from first grade, they gave him fuel for these two loves with a steady stream of Socratic online courses. In between reading and discussing, he found time in this school years to pursue music, writing, acting and storytelling, which all remain important parts of his life. Through a string of coincidences, he got the opportunity to become a Suzuki Method violin teacher, and has been teaching a small studio since 2017. Patrick's main goal in teaching is to form and nurture the student through the good pursuit of truth and beauty, and he is excited to do so in a new way through tutoring WISDOM's online courses.