CLT (College Entrance Exam & Grade 11-12 Assessment) N

CLT (College Entrance Exam & Grade 11-12 Assessment) N

The Classical Learning Test (CLT) is a post-secondary entrance exam, created as an alternative to the SAT and recognized at many post-secondary institutions across the United States, and a growing number in Canada.

  • For students in grades 11-12
  • College entrance exam
  • Online format
  • Length: 2hrs (plus up to 30 mins proctor instructions)
  • Free and unlimited score sharing
  • CLT partner colleges offer over $100 million in scholarships

Technology requirements
CLTs include remotely proctored exams. This means a student must have:

  1. A laptop or desktop with a functioning camera and microphone
  2. Firefox or Chrome browser installed
  3. Reliable internet (suggested minimum of 2 Mbps upload speed).

Click here for details on CLT's website.

Note on student email address
Each student taking a CLT needs a unique email address. If your child doesn’t have an email address, there is a workaround if you are using Gmail. In Google accounts, it is possible to add a plus sign and additional characters after the regular address, and the email is received by the address before the plus sign, but it allows a unique sign in. All communication would be received by the main email address, but this allows a unique sign in. For example, if a family has the email, their usernames could look like this:

Alternatively WISDOM can also set up a WISDOM student email address. Contact us for more information.

Event Properties

Event Date Saturday, 11 May, 2024
Cut off date Thursday, 11 Apr, 2024
Price FREE for 2023-2024 WISDOM students
Location Online

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