Chess WorkshopsiCAL Export

Lessons are taught on zoom through the interactive Lichess website. The hour-long class is divided into 20 minutes of concept, 20 minutes of game and 20 minutes of personalized exercises and free homework.

Things parents are saying:

“I appreciated the positive encouragement and teaching. This is something Brett would set his clock for... it was fun to see him so enthused!”

“Thank you for your hard work and making this class run so fluid and understandable for all levels.”

“My boys have completely changed from these classes. They seem to see everything in a more logical and organized way. It's like chess has unlocked some sort of "order" in their thinking. They look forward, plan ahead and strategize through their days like they didn't used to. I could go on and on!”

“This is the first online class ever, that Felix enjoys. You probably don’t realise what a big compliment this is.”

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