The desire of my heart is to encourage families with grace and love. I do pray and hope that the attached article will bring encouragement to you and other home schooling families.

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Our Mexican Son and Brother was written by WISDOM mom Laurie Lacy. David and Laurie Lacy are devout Christians. They live in Edmonton, and are active in WISDOM’s home school events.

Celebrating Winter

Studies tend to become mundane during the winter months. Incorporating an occasional Theme Day adds variety and interest to your routine as well as providing a welcome break for your children, especially the younger ones. The extra planning pays off with dividends of excitement and yes – learning!

Notes to Myself is a much loved column by Marlane Noster. Her warm and flowing style is like looking over a shoulder into a journal, and her wit and wisdom is appreciated by all. Write to her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Most forms of celebration consist of giving thanks and giving credit. When people celebrate, they don't usually apply the celebration to something outside their experience. Rather, they take a realistic look at what is normal in their life and recognize in it the great gifts.

The world of education (at least the professional world, where people make money at it) is continually looking toward more and more avant garde and sophisticated ways of delivering education. If a masters or doctoral student of education wishes to amount to anything, he had better come up with at least one new idea. The result is a constantly shifting plethora of pedagogical ideas loaded with eloquent terminology and backed by volumes of research.


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