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Camps 3 Events

WISDOM Camps are an important part of the WISDOM experience. Come be uplifted by spending time with like-minded families. We do our best to include all ages in the events of our camps, and all of our camps are designed to be taken in by the whole family.

Hi WISDOM families!

You are invited to attend a Family Gathering in your area (or more than one, if you wish). These events are a great opportunity to visit with other WISDOM families, facilitators, and Parent Advisory Council members. 

While our Spring Socials and Information Sessions are open to the public, Fall Socials/Gatherings are for WISDOM families only, giving us a chance to get to know each other as fellow home schoolers.

Workshops 6 Events

Workshops are events that are offered in the course of a half or full day, or an evening. They may be for the whole family, or they may be for specific ages, or just for parents.

Courses 39 Events

Through the use of virtual classrooms, WISDOM offers a selection of courses supporting home schoolers. Each classroom environment features a tutor experienced in leading Socratic discussion.

High School 16 Events

WISDOM's workshops will help you apply mediated learning in your home. If you are a parent who learns by doing, you will find our workshop format very helpful.

Open Houses 0 Events

WISDOM supports parents in their role as primary educators while meeting Alberta Education's requirements. Our support includes facilitators who are certificated teachers as well as home educating parents or who were home educated themselves - facilitators who encourage and provide guidance in navigating the educational adventure.

Come learn about home schooling and about how WISDOM can help your family achieve your unique goals. Our Spring Open Houses and Information Sessions are open to the public.  Some events include socials for the whole family, while others are adult-only information sessions.

During times when we have no Open Houses scheduled, please consider watching the video below: