The WISDOM Family Magazine is a compilation of articles from educating professionals, parenting experts, special needs consultants, home schooling parents, students, and more. We welcome your submissions.

To send us an article, letter to the Editor, project idea, or anything else, email it to . You can also mail your articles or photos to us at WISDOM Family Magazine, Box 78, Derwent, AB T0B 1C0.

Ideas for Submissions...

We love it when your submissions fall under one of the following categories. If you are sending something for a specific column, please note this in your email's subject line (eg: November Magazine: For Fathers column).

Submissions should be in Word, 1-2 pages in 12pt font, with automatic paragraph spacing, and not indented. Include a short, third-person bio.

Columns we welcome you to submit to:
  • A Child's Words - tell us about one of those cute or embarrassing moments with your child.
  • Activities - do you have a project to share? Send photos and your project how to!
  • Aim High - featuring the work of students, or stories about their successes.
  • Character - focus on your child or family's growth in character.
  • Encouragement/In the Trenches - share something that will build up home schoolers.
  • Feature - if you would like to write an article that fits with the theme of an upcoming magazine, please do so! An article about your own experiences, or one that shares personal knowledge on a topic is best.
  • For Fathers - does Dad have something to share with other home schooling dads?
  • For Moms - encouraging words for home schooling mothers.
  • Health - how does your family stay healthy?
  • Home School Experiences - there are some things that you just wouldn't experience if you weren't home schooling... tell us about a great home schooling experience, be it a "field trip", family project....
  • High School - specifically for (or by) high school students.
  • Letters to the Editor - talk about WISDOM, the Magazine, your facilitator, or your home school.
  • Mail Bag - a note about the magazine, or short notes or photos about WISDOM or home schooling in general.
  • Marriage - in our culture of disposable relationships - write about how you make it stick.
  • Parent Talk - share something from the heart and home front.
  • Politics/In the News/The Home School World - have you seen something in the news about home education that is worthy of reprinting? Are you involved in your local political scene, or perhaps following the pulse of home education in the world?
  • Resources & Reviews - tell us about a product or book or DVD or tool that has been a great resource for your family!
  • Spotlight on Sucess - a column sharing the story of long-time home schoolers, and celebrating the success of our graduates.
  • Student Feature - generally on current events or concerns, movie reviews, book reviews, etc, by students
  • Subjects - write something educational or inspirational about math, literature, science, social studies, art, etc.
  • Tips & Tricks - things that work well in your home, usually something that is a great supplement to learning or method of teaching that has revolutionized your home.
 Photo Submissions!

Don't forget, we love to use real, home schooling photos of real, home schooling families. Better still if the photos are of WISDOM families! Send your photos to us along with the photographer's name and the name of the subject, and we will consider them for publication.

Submissions, standards & selection

In submitting an article or photos, you acknowldge that WISDOM reserves the right to choose what is published, and may select or reject any submission. Articles may be edited to correct typhographical and grammatical errors, or to improve accuracy or clarity. Printed materials become the property of WISDOM Home Schooling, and may be reprinted in future publications. WISDOM, as a not-for-profit, does not remunerate authors for articles. The WISDOM Family Magazine is a Christian publication. While submissions do not need to be explicitly Christian in nature, they may not contradict foundational Christian principles.

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