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2014 High School and Beyond Conference

"Forward Confidently"

Was held November 15, 2014

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Are you Here to Give or Get?

Kenneth Noster

Matching career to calling is far more rewarding than making decisions based upon income, prestige, or other incentives pushed by our society. Considering your experiences, abilities, and interests, what is being asked of you? What is God designing you for?

Home School Grad Panel

Evan & Natalie Muller, Katheryn Ahlf, Blair Bishop, Nathaniel King

A panel of home schooled graduates discuss a variety of methods by which they effectively, and not so effectively, applied their high school years. Ask them questions that pertain to your own life and aspirations. The variety of approaches and outcomes demonstrate that every home school path is somewhat unique.

A Look Back at High School Through College

Brianne Adrian, B.Ed

Looking back at decisions made during home schooling and since, Brianne is able to offer solid advice to home school youth. Find out how home schooling has provided the keys to her success in study, work, and life.

Its Time to Get Serious

Paul & Mark

A father and youth argue over the benefits of self-discipline and daily purpose, compared to living in the moment and enjoying life. How do you make the most of life and the daily gifts you are being given?

A Variety of Approaches to High School at Home

Patty Marler, Kelvin & Dorothea Presakerchuk, Jeff & Lisa Bekolay

Continually reminding themselves that curriculum is much more than the resources being used, parents reflect on how they needed to adjust their approach and learning materials in order to achieve their goals and those of their children.

Be Confident, Thou Shall Prosper

Tim Hoven

A dynamic speaker, a home schooling father and owner and operator of Hoven Farms, a certified organic, multi-generational farm, Tim demonstrates how it is not only socially responsible to plan for success in our lives, but how the Bible strongly affirms the value of this striving. Tim’s presentation will stimulate discussion on the merits of good business sense, the joy of serving others, and the importance of friendship in our lives.



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