If your children were with WISDOM before September 30th, 2016, you will have access to $835.40 per student during this school year.

We are experiencing some delays as we get our new financial system off the ground, and we appreciate your patience. At this time, we are not able to offer refunds via electronic funds transfer. However, we hope for this to be ironed out in the weeks to come.

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How Funding Works Learn about how funding works.

Deadlines  All the dates you need to know for using your home school funding.

Policy  Read our funding policy and receipt submission requirements.

Claiming Funding  Learn how to properly fill in our Expense Form amd claim your refund.

Expense Form  Go directly to the Expense Form, download it, save it, fill it in and mail to office with your receipts.

Request a PO  How to use Purchase Order numbers for select vendors.


For the 2016-2017 school year, funding is available to each student in the amount of $835.40. WISDOM makes this money available in two installments, $417.70 in October and $417.70 in May.

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TEMPORARY FUNDING POLICY and Receipt Submission Requirements

To adhere to Alberta Education audit requirements, WISDOM has set basic receipt submission expectations of our families. This policy is in effect from October 3, 2016, when AB Education released their new Standards for Home Education Reimbursements

Click here to view our Temporary Funding Policy.

If you have any concerns about the Standards for Home Education Reimbursements, please notify Richard Arnold at richard.arnold@gov.ab.ca or 780-427-2055.

In order to claim educational funding, our Expense Form needs to be filled in and printed off, signed and sent to us along with your original receipts. Your receipts must be no more than two years old, and must reflect your Education Program Plan.

You may send receipts to us at any time during the year, but anything sent after the last business day of May will apply to the following school year. You may carry forward unused funding by sending us a letter, fax or email requesting that funding be carried over, before June 30.

We recommend that you make a copy of your expense form and receipts before sending it to us, in case your package is lost in the mail.

Our financial year in brief:

August 31 - Your Education Program Plan must be approved by your facilitator prior to the release of funding. You may send receipts to us at any time.

September 6 - Begin to use Purchase Order numbers for the October funding allotment, which is half of the total funding allotment, if you are a returning WISDOM family. Brand new families may use POs beginning in October.

September 30 (or last business day of September) -  Sign up with us before this date to be eligible for funding. This includes the approval of your program plan. 

October - First allotment of funding comes in to WISDOM from Alberta Education during the first half of October, and we begin processing refunds. Those who had approved plans on file early, and receipts on file before September 1 are in the first group of refunds to be processed. Subsequent receipts will be processed as they arrive. Expect up to 6 weeks from the time you send your receipts, if sent in October or later.

March 1 - Send your receipts to us by this date to guarantee refund by May 15.

April 1 - Begin to use Purchase Order numbers for the May funding allotment for selected vendors. Come get your POs for AHEA convention right at the WISDOM booth.

May -  Second allotment of funding comes to WISDOM from Alberta Education during the first half of May and we begin processing refunds. Those who sent in receipts prior to March 1 will receive the first cheques. Subsequent refunds will be processed as they arrive. Expect up to 6 weeks to receive your refund.

May 31 (or last business day of May) - Use any purchase order numbers before this date.

May 31 (or last business day of May) - Receipt Deadline: Send your receipts to us postmarked at any time on or before this date.

 June 30 (or last business day of June) - Send your carry over notice to us postmarked on or before this date. You may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you do not receive confirmation from us, please send again. We always respond to emails. IF you have funding left over but do not send us a carry-over notice, we can not carry your funds to the following school year.

Notes: When sending us time-sensitive items in the mail, please be sure that your post office postmarks it on or before the deadline. It may be a good idea to send items in registered mail, if you are concerned about them getting lost. We recommend you copy anything you are going to send in the mail, because occasionally, receipts do get lost. Please do not send receipts with your facilitator.