High School French Course Specialist

Raised in the mesmerizing city of Paris, France, Lydie’s journey commenced with a pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree, which allowed her to delve deeply into the treasures of European culture and history. Those formative years were marked by extensive travels across Europe – from the sunny shores of Spain to the artistic wonders of Italy, the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands, the ancient history of Greece, and the serene beauty of Switzerland. These adventures not only broadened her horizons but also nurtured her fascination with foreign languages and diverse cultures.

Lydie’s life took a significant turn when she relocated to London, England, in 2004 after being accepted into a gap year programme within her university. This vibrant city became her educational playground as she pursued a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Uxbridge in West London. Over the next four years, Lydie had the privilege of teaching French, Italian, and Spanish to underprivileged students ranging from 7 to 13 years old at a comprehensive school. Those years were the most challenging and yet the best teaching years of her life! She truly enjoyed making a difference in the lives of these students who had given up on themselves, because many teachers had in previous years. It was during this time that fate (i.e., God) introduced her to her future husband, an Italian-Canadian science, math, and physics fellow teacher, who eventually persuaded her to embark on a new chapter of life in Alberta, Canada, known for its inviting climate.

In the serene town of Hinton, AB, they planted their roots for the next five years. During this time, Lydie wholeheartedly shared her passion for French and Spanish, guiding students from Grades 4 to 10. Her journey deepened as she immersed herself in the Alberta curriculum for Junior High and High School, further enhancing her teaching skills. An exciting twist unfolded when she had the wonderful opportunity to teach a Kindergarten French Immersion class, broadening her horizons even further.

Since 2016, her husband, an online science teacher, and she have called Red Deer, AB, their home. It was here that they embraced the adventure of home schooling their two beloved children after realising that their oldest son’s way of learning would not fit in a traditional classroom. This experience has been nothing short of transformative, allowing them to cultivate a profound love for learning within their family, instill God-centered enduring values, and witness their children's remarkable growth into well-rounded individuals.

Lydie’s commitment to education and family extends beyond the classroom and home. Actively participating in their local church community, she takes immense joy in leading and teaching Sunday school, nurturing spiritual growth in the hearts of the next generation. Her love for reading is not only a personal pleasure but also a means of enriching the lives of their children, who she reads to almost every day. In those rare moments of leisure, she taught herself the art of crocheting through YouTube tutorials, played the cello and now the guitar, and seizes the short Canadian summers to explore the breathtaking landscapes of this vast country.

As she embraced her role as a high school subject specialist at WISDOM, she brought with her the wisdom garnered from both her international teaching experience and her home schooling journey, guided by her unwavering faith in God. Working with home schooling families is not just a job for her; it's a personal mission, one that Lydie believes aligns with God's plan for her. She is eager to share her experiences, insights, and the profound life lessons she has learned along the way with the WISDOM Home Schooling community. Together, with God's grace, they will celebrate the beauty of home schooling and embrace the rich tapestry of diversity it brings to the world of education.

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