Diane and Joe met in high school and were married in 1981 in Calgary. Before their children were born, Diane taught English and French in senior and junior high school. Joe was formerly a Financial Analyst, then made a career change and became a high school Physics and Chemistry teacher. They were blessed to be offered a position with WISDOM in the fall of 1997, facilitating for 25 years before retiring and joining the Parent Support Council. Diane and Joe have also volunteered together in the marriage preparation ministry and have enjoyed years of scripture studies with their small church community. Living south of Calgary on a lovely acreage, Joe and Diane run a greenhouse in the spring.

They have five children who have home schooled through High School with WISDOM. They have studied and worked in the fields of Paramedics, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Horticulture, Civil Engineering Technology, and Veterinary Technology. Entrepreneurship is a common characteristic that they share.

What drew them to home schooling were the young adults that Diane met while attending a Home Schooling conference in 1997. Many WISDOM families have been a real inspiration to them since that time. Home schooling helped them keep their primary focus on faith and family, while allowing their children to pursue excellence in academics, as well as their individual interests.

They constantly face many challenges in their efforts to live prayerful lives characterized by simplicity and order. They are working towards strengthening their marriage and family life, and it is their hope that their family, their academic pursuits, and all they do give glory to God.

Joe & Diane Pollock - South
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