The Home Education Grant supports educational choice for students and parents. For each home education student, the school authority is provided $1,802. Half of this is allocated to the school authority to support the home education student, and half ($901) is allocated to the parent or guardian as reimbursement for instructional materials and services that support the instructional program. At the end of a two year period, unclaimed funds are recovered by Alberta Education, unless parents transfer unclaimed funds to their school authority.

How it works:

  • Submit receipts with a completed Expense Claim form. When you have submitted eligible receipts for at least 75% of the total funding available, you will receive the full $901.
  • You have until May 31 to submit expense claims, or May 21 to claim funding using purchase orders (direct billing to vendors).
  • Unclaimed funding from one year will be carried over to the next year. You have up to two years to access home education funding.
  • At the end of the two year period, unclaimed funding will return to Alberta Education, or
  • parents may transfer unclaimed and expiring funding to the WISDOM Home Schooling department of the Gilbertine Institute in order to provide educational supports and services (such as assisting unfunded families who join us throughout the year).

Submit the form below, and Finance will send a pre-filled Transfer of Unclaimed Funds form for you to sign:

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Alternatively, you may fill out the request form yourself to transfer unclaimed funds to us. 

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