1. Before you begin, please review the funding policy to ensure your receipts are eligible and submitted in the proper format.
    Failure to do so may result in a delayed reimbursement.
  2. Please complete boxes 1-4 with your family's information so we can easily locate your family file.
  3. Please complete and upload a copy of the expense form. A submission without an Expense Form will not be processed.
  4. Please upload each receipt as a PDF or JPEG. Multiple-page receipts should be uploaded as a single file.
  5. Please upload your receipts in the order they were written on your Expense Form, i.e. Receipt #1 on the Expense Form should be uploaded in the Receipt #1 upload location, and so on.

Please upload any supporting documents for your submission, including Canadian credit card statements for all foriegn currency purchases, including USD.

Don't forget your expense form!