Processing Times

Receipts submitted here will be processed and refunded on the last day of the next calendar month. For example, a receipts submitted after November 30 and before midnight on December 31 will be processed and refunded on January 31. See Funding Dates and Deadlines for more details.

How to use this form.

  1. Before you begin, please review the funding policy to ensure your receipts are eligible and submitted in the proper format.
    Failure to do so may result in a delayed reimbursement.
  2. Please complete boxes 1-4 with your family's information so we can easily locate your family file.
  3. Please complete and upload a copy of the expense form. A submission without an Expense Form will not be processed.
  4. Please upload each receipt as a PDF or JPEG. Multiple-page receipts should be uploaded as a single file.
  5. Please upload your receipts in the order they were written on your Expense Form, i.e. Receipt #1 on the Expense Form should be uploaded in the Receipt #1 upload location, and so on.
  6. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the final document that we will be working with. To avoid delays, please check it for errors and resubmit if needed.

Please upload any supporting documents for your submission, including Canadian credit card statements for all foreign currency purchases, including USD.

Don't forget your expense form!

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