Home School Consultant
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Christian Bekolay comes from a family of 11 kids, and was home schooled from grade 2 through 12 (with his family joining WISDOM in its second year). His childhood consisted of many hours spent in the forest behind his home, which became an imaginary world of endless possibilities. This creative brain also exercised itself with many LEGO sculptures, pencil drawings, plasticine models, and developing musical ability.

Shortly after graduating, Christian went on to do 3 years of full time voluntary missionary work with NET ministries of Canada, where he traveled Canada coast to coast running retreats for youth, and forming musicians and bands to better use their music in a ministerial setting."These were some of the most integral years of growth for me as a person; mentally and spiritually." Following His years with NET, Christian's creativity lead him to Pixel Blue College in Edmonton where he received a diploma in Graphic Design. He has since then worked in various areas of design including websites, print, and branding.

Christian has also been involved in youth ministry in various ways for the past 10 years. He was particularly involved at Camp St. Louis which is a Catholic summer camp near Bonnyville, AB. He spent many summers volunteering there until he was hired to run the summer program with a group of young adults. Four years later Christian was given the position of the camp director and continued working there for another three years, overseeing and developing the program for the camp, as well as forming and being a mentor to the camp team and counsellors. During that time, Christian also worked for the Diocese of St. Paul as the director for the office of youth ministry, helping parishes and school across northern and central Alberta form and develop youth ministry.

Opportunity led Christian to move to small-town Derwent, AB (home of WISDOM). Feeling a call to move away from full time youth ministry for a time, Christian found himself looking for a job. WISDOM came into the picture once again in Christian's life. "I would have never guessed I'd be working for WISDOM one day, but you never know what adventures you might be caught up in when you start walking the unfamiliar path."