High School Advisor

Christian Bekolay homeschooled with WISDOM through graduation. Spending his school years at home fostered a love for family life, and provided many opportunities to discover other little loves for things such as being with nature through hiking, foraging, and gardening, engaging in creative arts by sculpting, carving, and painting, musical pursuits in piano and guitar, a developing passion for cooking and baking, and finally, a very enthusiastic interest in the board game hobby, from collecting to designing games. Christian considers himself a dilettante and aesthete; there is so much beauty in the world that he finds it difficult to focus on any particular aspect, rather, he lives by the motto: "I choose all."

The enriching experience of his home education instilled deep within a desire and enthusiasm for continual growth and development. Since graduation, Christian has dedicated three years to serve as a missionary, traveling coast to coast with NET Canada, worked as a diocesan youth coordinator and summer camp director for Camp St. Louis, gained a diploma in graphic design, and in recent years, pursued post secondary education by attending two years as a student at St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission, and then a third year as an apostolic student. All of these experiences have been integral in Christian's formation and growth, above all grounding him in a deep love for his faith, and an immense desire to get to heaven.

Working for WISDOM has been a gift for Christian as he truly values parent's right and primary vocation to educate their own children. The fruit of this kind of education is very obvious to Christian in his own life, and he desires to support and assist families in any way he can to help them achieve this noble calling in their own lives. Currently, while working for WISDOM, Christian is engaged in further online college studies on the side, pursuing BA in Theology, with the hope and intention of one day working in the faith formation of young adults.

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