Funding may be claimed in two ways: via Purchase Order (direct billing to vendor) or by receipt refund.

In order to claim educational funding via receipt refund, complete the Resource Expense Form as per the instructions, and mail it to us along with your original receipts.Your Education Program Plan must be approved in order to unlock funding.

For ease and simplicity, we process submissions monthly. Receipts sent on or before the last business day of each month will be reimbursed by EFT six weeks from that date, with the exception of the May 31 deadline. The final payment is an 8 weeks turn-around, as so many families wait until that deadline to submit claims. Receipts may be sent in at any point during the year.  Take care when completing your claim; exceptionally organized and accurate claims will recieve priority treatment!

Before you begin:

  • ORIGINAL receipts must mailed to the WISDOM office at the address below. We do recommend that you make a copy of the Expense Form and receipts that you send to us, in case your originals are lost in the mail. [Photocopies are not acceptable even when it is desirable to keep the original for warranty purposes, as in the case of a computer.  We keep all receipts on file, and in the case of a warranty issue, arrangements can be made to return the original receipt to you.]
  • The receipts must be for expenses that you incurred for the home education of your children.  Allowable and non-allowable expenses are listed in our Funding Policy. If the educational nature of your purchase is not self-evident, please attach a written explanation of how the purchase fits into your education program plan. Receipts may be up to two years old at the time we reimburse them.
  • Please carefully follow the instructions included with the form.


Click here for the Resource Expense Claim Form(PDF). Save it to your computer, and ensure that you open it in Adobe. Please follow the instructions on page 1 carefully, as failure to do so will delay a refund. The form will automatically calculate totals for you. Once completed and signed, print it to accompany your submission.  If you would rather complete the form by hand, please download and print this version.


Download the file to your computer, open it with Adobe Reader, fill it in, print and sign it, and send it into the WISDOM office with your original receipts.   NOTE: This file will not work properly when it is opened in a web browser or the Mac preview program.


EFT Application  Apply for Electronic Funds Transfer for direct deposit of refunds. Please ensure that we have this form before the end of September. Refunds are transmitted electronically. If we do not have this form until after a submission deadline, you will not receive a refund until the next payment date, or at the end of the school year via cheque.


Questions? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.