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Beast Academy is a full curriculum with kid-friendly lessons and challenges that build problem-solving skills and conceptual understanding for young learners.

  • Makes challenge fun
    Beautifully illustrated lessons show students how math works, while engaging exercises in the practice books reinforce concepts and teach deep mathematical thinking. Detailed solutions model creative ways to solve problems. 
  • Immersive lessons
    Beast Academy Online's learning system makes it even easier to introduce students to in-dept math. Interactive puzzles, designed by World Puzzle Champion Palmer Mebane, offer engaging review of important math concepts while strengthening creative reasoning skills. Includes full progress reporting and digital editions of the Beast Academy Guide books.
  • Builds a strong foundation
    Intuitive and accessible lessons cover curricular standards in much greater depth than other programs. Carefully designed introductions to advanced topics prepare students to take the more challenging material they'll eventually see in middle school.
  • From exploration to mastery
    Students discover that math is far more than just numbers and symbols while thy learn alongside the lovable monsters at Beast Academy. Engaging problems fuel students' natural drive to find the creative solutions, while thoughtfully designed puzzles encourage curiosity and perseverance.

Feedback from a WISDOM parent:

"Wow! What a beautifully simple and seamless transition back onto Beast Academy even with the previous subscription having lapsed! The prior account can still be logged in to and once you have, you can see all previous students (who are now marked inactive). The code you just provided through WISDOM was SO simple to add to the appropriate student - zero confusion and absolutely seamlessly let us continue right where we had previously left off. Amazing and SO appreciated from this busy parent's perspective!"

Licenses are active for one year from date of purchase.

Note: These licenses are available exclusively to fully-enrolled WISDOM students. After receiving your order, our team will create your account and send you the necessary information. Please anticipate up to 5 business days for turnaround.

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