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Armed with access to Math, Social, E.L.A, and Science from grades 3-12,SOLARO is a great digital study/exam practice resource. With the ability to access SOLARO from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, a WISDOM SOLARO student license includes:

  • ability to have ten active courses within the subjects and grades available
  • 1000s of practice questions
  • sub-topic quizzes
  • topic/unit tests
  • instant feedback for student work
  • study help, including step by step solutions, and access to lessons on core concepts.
  • access to WISDOM final exams
  • and more... 

Click here for a tutorial on Student Licenses

Parents also have the ability to monitor the student’s progress through SOLARO courses. This video explains how parents are given access to student accounts.

Parents can also request teacher access to make their own classrooms and create custom assignments from a pre-made question bank for their children. To request a parent/teacher account, please complete your Solaro student license order, and then contact Christian:

A Solaro account is necessary for any WISDOM student doing core-course challenges as this is the platform WISDOM uses for all final exams.

For more information on Solaro please visit, or contact Christian:

Licenses are valid until September, 2023

Note: These licenses are available exclusively to fully-enrolled WISDOM students. After receiving your order, our team will create your account and send you the necessary information. Please anticipate up to 5 business days for turnaround.

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