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SuccessMaker is a program of multimedia math and reading courses delivered via the Internet. The software is highly adaptive, starting with an automatic placement phase that first identifies a student’s foundational mastery level then moves forward, concept by concept in small “bite-sized” pieces, based on demonstrated mastery. New concepts are introduced only once pre-requisite skills are in place.

Students typically enjoy doing SuccessMaker – and for the right reasons: they are successful, and can feel their own progress: learning is its own reward. Students are kept in their optimum learning zone at all times—not too easy, not too hard — never wasting their time, constantly moving forward.

Each student’s program is individualized specifically and accurately, strand by strand. SuccessMaker interacts with the student through artificial intelligence evaluating every response and intervening immediately, as required, leading the student forward to a correct answer almost all of the time, until assistance is no longer required, mastery is determined, and the next concept is introduced.

SuccessMaker finds the level “below which there are no gaps” then spirals up - covering a cross-section of the curriculum every two or three sessions, filling in gaps, while efficiently identifying and skipping over existing knowledge.

Success with the program does require daily use: at least four fifteen minute sessions a week. Students need to feel free to “make a good guess” and work quickly, without any outside assistance.

SuccessMaker is designed to supplement -- not replace -- existing educational programs, so that students become more successful with their regular schoolwork.

Licenses are valid from September through June.

Note: These licenses are available exclusively to fully-enrolled WISDOM students. After receiving your order, our team will create your account and send you the necessary information. Please anticipate up to 5 business days for turnaround.

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