As we near the beginning the official school year, we invite you to join us for WISDOM's Back to Homeschool Giveaway. We will have daily draws for fun and fabulous prizes, WISDOM-branded merchandise, and more.

Starting at midnight each day, click on the draw link below to enter. The entry questions will change each day, and so will the prizes! You may enter each day.

We will draw a winner at 4pm every weekday from August 15-31, announcing the winners here and on Facebook. Good luck!

Click here to get a daily email reminder for each giveway.

Current families need to be notified for 22/23 with their EPPs submitted and new families just need to be notified for 22/23 - they have a little more time to get their EPPs in!

Past Winners

Day 1: Louise B, Kevin W, & Beth O
Day 2: Melissa H, Tina T, & Sara M
Day 3: Christina B, Bobbi B, & Ronnie H
Day 4: Monica B, Stephanie BN, & Lupita L
Day 5: Andrea, Leslie C, & Colette A
Day 6: Lynn, Ariana T, & Amanda B
Day 7: Janelle B, Tracy Q, & Carissa
Day 8: Nadya, Terri S, & Denisse A
Day 9: Trina B, Arianne F, & Chantal P
Day 10: Lora H, Tamara A, & Darcy R
Day 11: Jacinda G, Lilli H, & Cathleen F
Day 12: Andrea B, Sarah W, & Luke G
Day 13: Kim R, Michelle F, Leanne S, Stephanie N, Andrea V, Elizabeth K, Heather S, & Krista P