From the time that Michelle was very young, she remembers feeling a sense of curiosity and wonder about the world around her. She asked a lot of questions and developed a keen sense of curiosity about nature as she explored the family’s acreage property with her sisters. Michelle was homeschooled from kindergarten through Grade 12. 

Michelle grew in her faith through family discipleship and involvement in church and Bible camps. She benefited from the examples and mentorship of many older and wiser Christians over the years, and has been filled with joy to see God work in her life to guide her into the work that He has planned for her.

She worked for several years in the family drywall business, which allowed for flexibility to volunteer at a Christian elementary school in Zambia, to study French in Quebec and to complete university courses part-time through Athabasca University. Michelle honed her drywall skills and learned to maintain high quality standards in her work while being able to explore the world and learn more about the giftings and calling that God has given her. 

Michelle attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 2016, followed by teaching for several years in the public school system. While she enjoyed her work in the classroom, Michelle began to develop a renewed interest in homeschooling as she recognized that her values for parental involvement and direction in education and for flexibility in learning were more closely aligned with a homeschooling model than with public school. 

She began working with WISDOM Home Schooling in October 2021 and is enthusiastic about serving homeschool families as a facilitator. Michelle enjoys learning about the unique approaches and strengths of each family and supporting parents as they provide a quality education to their children.

Michelle St. Laurent, Edmonton